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The core structure of RettSearch is an Executive Committee, responsible for the overall function of the network, and Working Groups that have been organized to focus on areas considered key for the development of treatment trials in RTT. Each Working Group will evaluate or survey the current knowledge in each particular area, determine the issues that need to be further studied and their priorities, and develop a plan for such new research endeavors. In addition, each committee will serve as a group of experts for consultation and exchange with clinicians and researchers both within and outside the network. Each Working Group will have its own page, within the RettSearch website, to communicate and post relevant information, including among others research articles and committee reports.

Executive Committee

Rettsearch Coordinator

Working Groups:

Study Design Committee

Outcome Measures Committee

Clinical Dataforms Committee

Foundations & Survey of Clinical Trials Committee

Note1: Descriptions and other relevant information on each Working Group will be provided soon. Updates on RettSearch, including the activities of each Working Group, will be posted via direct communication with the RettSearch Coordinator who can be reached at (857) 218-5532 or by email at

Note2: Although we do our best to protect materials of the working groups, please be aware that EVERYTHING being posted on this site is not guaranteed to be safe from hackers or people outside the consortium who may gain access. Please do not post anything you would not want in the hands of others.

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